Available on 12" Vinyl and Digital.
Label: Barhill Records / Cargo

PER ASPERA is dedicated to all the people, who made sacrifices on scientific, progressive and human grounds - no matter if voluntary or non-voluntary. They are proof that something big can emerge from pain and that setbacks keep us moving. We bow to all of them, because they are the ones paving our way the way to the stars.
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I really wasn’t expecting such a nuke.

- nodus gordis mag

... doch in einer ruhigen Minute, wenn einem der Alltagsstress mal wieder eine schallende Backpfeiffe gibt, kann man sich zur Musik von Gemini One herrlich treiben lassen, die Augen schließen und von fernen Klangwelten träumen.

- Zephyr's Odem

Caught somewhere between the dusty solemnity of Red Sparowes, the aloof metropolitanism of Pornography era The Cure, and the dormant volatility of a narcotized Shellac, 'Per Aspera' gorgeously illustrates the isolated trajectory of a satellite fettered to its distant orbit.

- Forrest Pitts / Decibel

Per Aspera

(2019, Barhill Records / Cargo)

Float / Levitate

(2012, All Fries Fried Records)


(2012 re-recorded)



Appreciation to our friends and supporters

Max Best

Florian Rudolph

Fabienne Rudolph

Andreas Turner

Isabell Decker

Barhill Records - Kai Florian Becker

Roland „Role“ Wiegner - Die Tonmeisterei